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Our services are from creating a recomendations engine based on Big Data till creating an integrated IOT System .


Registration system is integrated with a combination of RFID, QRCode scanner, register online or offline registration / easy registration. The system includes a data processor visitors and analytics dashboard that displays the visitor statistics. Statistics displayed include reports on the number of daily visitors, demography, point of interest, where visitors come to the event, the links between the business sector visitors with a point of interest, and other Analytical Data.

Registro has been used in the annual exhibition event Indobuildtech Convention Exhibition 2016 in Indonesia, BSD Tangerang. We hope that with this system you can optimize your future business decisions.


Magnitude is a support system for public places such as airports, exhibition, department stores, museums. Using IOT technology named Beacon combinating with Mobile Apps and web dashboard, the system can display the heat zone maps, visitor behavior, indoor maps and push notifications based on relevant location. The behavior visitor database is processed by sistem and will be displayed as Big Data Analytic with deep knowledge.

This system can optimize the content of notifications of news / promos given to fit the location through which visitors. Imagine when the consumer passes your store and the application sends notifications that are relevant to the habits / needs of the consumer, it will lead consumers to sign in and see your products.

Continuum Blast

Management Email marketing is something that can help the optimization of the sales process. We believe that the management of a good email marketing course will be able to increase your company's product sales.

Continuum blast is the best solution to accommodate the management of email marketing. This system can also be integrated with the others, namely our products Registro.


Pulsatio quickly notify doctor, hospital, and family when beloved person get hart attack. Collaboration between smartphone and smartwatch, real time reporting location and state of our loved person when hart attack or stroke happen. The application also provide first aid measure that can be done for the people who found the patient first.

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